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Are you bored with your current home’s appearance? Do you feel you need a change that doesn’t involve moving out of Missoula, MT or changing your place of residence? Lay back because at Brian Freshour Painting, I have the answers to all of your problems! Trust our competent crew for a supreme residential painting service.

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Have you noticed how some shades make you calmer, happier or even more energetic? That is due to how our brain perceives different colors. Each painter on my team is well aware of that fact and strives to match your rooms’ paint to their usage.

I know that one of the most common problems homeowners are facing is lack of space. Well, did you know that changing your walls’ colors or texture can give you the feeling of a bigger space? With the help of my interior painter, you can trick everybody into thinking you did an overall interior remodeling.

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What about those holes, chipped paint, and permanent stains you are so ashamed of? You don’t have to hide them anymore – I will take care of them as well. My expert team will provide you with a drywall repair or patch where needed. Just then, I’ll paint the wall with a color of your choice.

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We were in the middle of a kitchen remodeling when our old painting contractor just... Read More Reviews

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Missoula, MT‘s always changing weather can cause serious damage to your home’s facade. Choose our exterior painting service to bring back its glamorous look. My professional house painter will provide you with beautiful and lasting results in no time and on a budget.

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